In order to view the module in the best conditions, the trainee’s computer must comply with the following standards requirements.

Our modules are developed in HTML5.

Common technical requirements
JavaScript Enabled in your web browser
Memory 1 Go minimum
Display resolution 1024×768 minimum
Broadcast sound technology Broadcast sound card and audio speakers (or headphone)

Requirement: 1 Mbps and beyond
Cases of use:
Betwween 500 Kbps and 1 Mbps: rare latency
Between 250 and 500 Kbps: possible latency for video
Below 250 Kbps: regular latency
Below 100 Kbps and cellular network: Fictis Prévention does not guarantee proper functioning of the modules

Computer requirements – HTML 5 version

Web browser Windows: Microsoft Edge 25 minimum, Google Chrome 48 minimum, Firefox 43 minimum.
Mac : Safari 9 minimum, Google Chrome 48 minimum.

Mobile devices and tablets requirements

Apple iOS 7 and above:

Web browser

Safari 9 minimum, Google Chrome 48 minimum, for French versions.

Android OS 4.4 and above:

Web browser

Google Chrome 48 minimum