An introduction to our electrical certifications
NF C 18-510 Norm

FICTIS PREVENTION offers a complete range of products about « Electrical certifications », in compliance with the NF C 18-510 French norm, approved on December 21, 2011 :

  • E-learning modules for distance training;
  • USB key for computer-based self-training and awareness of the personnel, or to conduct collective trainings through traditional training;
  • Handbooks for learners (all levels);
  • Handbook of safe electrical operating procedures in order to meet the regulatory obligations of the article R. 4544-10 of the French labour code.

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Norme NF C 18-510

All the LV and HV certification levels, for non-electrical and electrical operations with the power off: B0, H0, H0V, BR, BS, BE, HE, B1, B1V, B2, B2V, H1, H1V, H2, H2V, BC, HC.

New product including numerous videos and very realistic 3D animations, for a better appropriation of knowledge by the learners.

Our products are available in English so as to enable your foreign personnel to be trained or to raise the awareness of your contractors on the French regulations in force.

2 complementary usage modes

The various products offer « Initial training » and « Refresher » modes.

In « Refresher » mode, placement tests enable the learners to automatically provide the appropriate training to their knowledge.

Formation e-learning habilitations électriques

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